Public offer
Individual Entrepreneur Anisimova Eli Valentinovna, here in after referred to as the Seller, offers for the purchase of Goods (services) placed in the online store, any capable individual/legal entity (individual entrepreneur), hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, in the case of acceptance of the terms of this Agreement and its annexes (Unconditional acceptance).
This Agreement does not require bilateral signing and is valid in electronic form.
1. subject of contract
1.1. The seller undertakes to transfer ownership to the Buyer, and the Buyer agrees to pay and accept the Goods (services) ordered in the online store.
1.2. The buyer undertakes to familiarize himself with the current version of this Agreement.
1.3. By placing an Order, the Buyer guarantees that he has fully read the text of this Agreement and accepts its terms.
2. The time of conclusion of the Contract. order registration
2.1. The text of this Agreement is a public offer (in accordance with article 435 and part 2 of article 437 of the Civil code).
2.2. Unconditional acceptance of this Agreement is Ordering on the Website.
2.3. Ordering is carried out by Ordering the desired Product on the Website.
2.4. Prior to Ordering and conclusion of this Agreement, the Buyer agrees to read:
2.4.1. with the main consumer properties of the Goods, the value of the Goods. This information is located next to the Product image;
2.4.2. Methods of Payment. This information is located in the online store ;
2.4.3. Methods and cost of Delivery. This information is located in the online store ;
2.4.4. Full name and contact details of the Seller. This information is located in the online store ;
3. price of goods. Payment
3.1. The price of the Goods specified in the online store can be changed unilaterally by the Seller, and the price of the Goods ordered by the Buyer cannot be changed.
3.2. The buyer pays for the Goods in the ways specified in the online store.
3.3. Payment systems, credit institutions, agents through which payment is carried out under this Agreement are not a Party to this Agreement and are not responsible for the Seller's failure to fulfill its obligations.
3.4. The buyer at his own expense pays the Commission (fees) charged by credit institutions (payment systems) in the implementation of payment.
3.5. In case of non-cash Payment, the Buyer pays for the Goods without VAT, which should be specified in the purpose of payment.
4. Liability of the parties and dispute resolution.
4.1. The parties shall be liable for non-performance or improper performance of this Agreement in the manner prescribed by this Agreement and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.2. The seller is not responsible if the buyer's expectations about the consumer properties of the Goods were not justified.
4.3. The seller is not responsible for partial or complete failure to fulfill the obligations for the delivery of the Goods, if they are the result of force majeure.
4.4. All disputes and disagreements arising in the performance of The parties ' obligations under this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. If it is impossible to eliminate them, the Parties have the right to seek judicial protection of their interests.
5. Consent to the processing of personal data of the Buyer.
5.1. By placing an Order on the website, the Buyer confirms its consent to the processing of personal data by the Seller.
5.2. The list of personal data, processing of which consent is given:
a) name;
(b) telephone Number;
(c) E-mail address (delivery address).
5.3. The list of actions with PD, the Commission of which the Buyer agrees to the following ways of using PD:
(a) receipt and Storage of PD ;
(b) Clarification (update, change) of the PD;
c) use of PD for the performance of this Agreement;
d) Transfer of the buyer's PD in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
e) for the purpose of distribution of catalogues, commercial offers, news for marketing and other commercial purposes.
5.4. The buyer's consent to the processing of personal data is provided without limitation of its validity.
5.5. The buyer, solely on a personal application, has the right to withdraw (change) this consent to the processing of PD.
5.6. The seller processes and ensures the confidentiality of PD in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
6. Seller's Details.
Contact information
Details for payment: Bank Name: AO KB "Khlynov" Kirov
Cor. account: 30101810100000000711

Account: 40802810100200000540

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